Monday, 23 February 2015

My Graphic Arts

Creepy Cake with creepy handwritten

Because I'm hungry right now and want to eat something sweet.. ^^
Assalamualaikum, selamat petang and hi guys and babe...7 more days till SPM result... <(=,=">
In case I have a lot of free time right now before I further my study to a high school later, I have filled some of my leisure time to draw doodles using Paint Tool Sai app..

I'm still in a beginner level of doodle artist since I'm lack of experience in drawing or coloring doodle..There's some doodle that I want to share with you guys and maybe it will become a photo memory when I'm become an expert in graphic designing one day...( well who knows right ? )

Chocolate ice cream with hazel nut and chocolate sauce ;-p

You can take this if you want because I forgot to add watermark

Beginner level of chibi making

Girl wearing 'peplum' dress ( How to spell peplum? )
Latest artwork..

I draw all the doodle using mouse except the last one.. I draw the sketch in a paper first then I redraw the line using paint tool sai...So how? leave your comment okay...Right now I'm planning to draw my own doodle to be use as my blog header...
I also planned to make a new blog page that can be use as a blog skin gallery as a freebies for, coming soon..Okay see you next time... ( waving hand )

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