Monday, 11 July 2016

In the process

Assalamualaikum and hye my dear visitor and follower...It had been a while since my last time updating this blog.. ( More than 1 year already )

So, you guys must be wondering where am I all this while and why didn't I update this blog, not even replying to all your comments. First of all, so sorry to ignore this blog. It is not because I hated  blogging world.Actually I don't have any internet connection on my laptop to online blogger and the fact that blogging via mobile phone is very uninteresting since I can't view my blog full-sized.

As the title stated above "in the process" it referred to my blog which is under maintenance. I had not done editing this blog to a new theme.Truly sorry if my blog look quite messy and awful at a certain time. I had change my blog theme from Kawaii looking blog to a more matured look. Finally I had realize that I am old enough to keep those cute thingy on this blog. ( 19 years already ).

Okay, I think that all from me..I hope that I can post many entries after this... ByeBye \ o /

p/s : In case you miss my old layout..huhu