Saturday, 27 October 2012

Blogskin : I'am Rilakkuma ^^,

My blog skin are free to use...You don’t have to pay anything :-)
But because of this, they come with rules.Please follow the rules as I have put in a lot of effort into creating the best blog skin I can for you guys.

What you can do to this skin...

✔ edit the theme as much as you like
✔ move the credits onto another page within the blog ( make it visible)

What you can't do to this skin...

✘  Remove any credit in the skin
✘  Steal or claim my blog skin as your own
✘  Redistribute my blog skin
✘  Use my skin as a base code for your skin

Features :
✿  Music player
✿  Comment box
✿  Navigation
✿  Welcome image before entering

Do comments okay... ^^,


  1. Saya ambil sebahagian code dia tau. Tapi, saya credit dekat awak :)

  2. saya basecode boleh tak???????????? credit insyaallah tak hilang. sebab, saya tak pernah REMOVE CREDIT. ta baik la tu. boleh ye?

  3. Raissa putri : okay.. sorry late reply

  4. Nak basecode, ya? credit tak kan hilang!

  5. Permisi, kakak Ezah cantik! Mau guna ini blogskins, boleh kah? Ambil ya kak! ^^ Makasih ;)

  6. saye basecode ye, akak! credit tak akan saya buang :)