Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Chibi muslimah

Nah cake..amiklah..

Assalamualaikum and hye everyone..as what I had promised I wanna give a free chibi's to all my follower...Sorry if I made a lot of grammar mistakes I just want to try to make an entry in english...^^,

If you want to take this freebies you should...
Cick the image --> right click on the image --> copy image url / copy image location

If you want to save the chibi's you must...
Cick the image --> right click on the image --> save image as...

Don't forget to click the image for the real size...I already transparent it...

Four colour only ..it look ugly in the others colour...

Do comment after you take it !!

Ok...thats all from me...see you again in my new post...insyaAllah...


  1. comelnya klau bleh buat lelaki dan perempuan yg tgh bercouple..

  2. Sophia Hany : saya tak pandai lukis doodle lelaki...^^,

  3. comelnyeeeeee...leh ajar sy nt ea ^_^
    pandai awk buat doodle

  4. Nanti kalau ada masa saya ajar...tq..

  5. sy amik ye.. :)