Saturday, 27 April 2013

Status box 2

Assalamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera semua...hari nie saya nak buat tutorial pasal status box lagi...kali ni jenis simple jugak tapi lebih cantiklah agaknya... :-D

Firstly like usual :

Template designer Denim, simple or whatever  :
Dashboard --> Layout -->add gadget --> HTML/Javascript --> Copy and Paste the code that I'm gonna give in the HTML/Javascript box...

Blogskin :
Dashboard --> Template --> Copy and Paste the code that I'm gonna give everywhere you like in your sidebar code...


The codes :

<fieldset><legend><img src="URL MY STATUS"/></legend>
<center>Welcome to my blog...Leave footprint so,I can visit you back...Thanks for coming...^^</center><center>DATE</center></fieldset>
The notes :

FUCHSIA : Your notes or status...
BROWNIE : The date or name maybe...
BLUE TEXT : URL of the cute icon or you can use the text that I have made below...
Just copy the URL that I have given for each images...

Ok...itu sahaja...maaflah kalau tak faham apa yang saya tulis...saya tulis dalam bahasa inggeris sebab supaya senang orang yang tak faham bahasa Malaysia nak buat...hihi...kalau dok paham tanyolah yer...

Do comments and credit if you use this tutorial or my freebies...

Original code by : Kak Lyssa...


  1. I came to your blog just because it is so cute ^_^

  2. Thanks akak! Re-post ya, credit kok!

  3. Thank you for this status box!
    I used it here
    Can you tell me how to change the color fonts without affecting the other widgets?
    Domo Arigatou!(人´∀`*)