Friday, 27 February 2015

How to make header,post background and footer

Assalamualaikum and hello visitor...This is a tutorial on how to make header,post background and footer mine version..

You should own Adobe Photoshop in your PC to follow my tutor..
Download link here  ( as for me, I use CS3 )

  1. Open adobe photoshop
  2. File --> new --> choose width and height --> OK
We will make a header first..
Choose header width according to your blog width.

Choose color (refer the image below) then, click shape --> choose rectangle shape with curve

Then draw first rectangle on the canvas ( like below picture )

Now, let's draw second layer
choose color first

Then, make a new layer and move the new layer below the first layer

Repeat the step to draw third and last layer
( choose color --> make new layer --> move the layer under the previous layer --> Draw shape)

Now we're done drawing the base of header

Other stuff can be added to your header to beautify it.
Click on text to add text
Click on shape to add shape
To add image to your header :
Click file --> Open --> Choose picture that u want --> click ctrl +A on the image and ctrl+C to copy the image --> Paste it on header canvas by clicking ctrl+V

Then save your header by clicking File--> Save as --> Format PNG --> save

Okay, now let's make post background.

Refer below image
Right click on the first header base layer then choose merge down.
Merge down until all header base combined in one same layer

Then, on the layer of header base that had become one, click ctrl +A and ctrl+C to copy

Click file --> New --> choose same width with header and a smaller height

On the new main background canvas click ctrl + V to paste the background that you had copied and adjust it like below picture

Now, your post background are done, you can save it.

Lastly, let's make footer.

File--> New --> width same like header height lower than header..

On the new canvas press ctrl + V to paste the base color of header that you had copy ( same as main background )
Then, click edit--> transform--> flip vertical

Add any text / deco on the footer and you can save it when you're done..
After you done creating your header,post background and footer, upload it here Imgur or photobucket...
Refer to  this tutor on how to add all this stuff that you had made into your blog...