Sunday, 7 August 2016

Freebies Doodle Wedding Dress, Suit

Muslimah doodle, Doodle wedding

Assalamualaikum and holla peeps.. How was your day? I spent almost 3 days to complete drawing and colouring this doodle. Hope you like it.

Rules that need to be followed before downloading this doodles :

  1. Make sure you had already follow my blog, follow my blog first if you haven't.
  2. Use it only for personal use. ( For header image, wedding invitation, wedding card, printable for personal use )
  3. Don't use my doodle for commercial purpose. ( Don't sell my doodle )
  4. Don't re-draw my doodle and claim it as yours. ( I put a lot of effort to finish making this doodle )
  5. Don't re-freebies this doodle.
I am giving this doodle for free. So, do appreciate it. I would be glad to create more doodle freebies in the future if you follow my rule.

How to get the image URL?
For chrome : Click picture for bigger size > Right click >  Choose (copy image address)
For mozilla : Click picture for bigger size > Right click >  Choose (copy image location)

How to save the image?
Click picture for bigger size > Right click >  Save image as... > Choose file directory > Save

Cyan doodle   Purple doodle

Brown doodle   Green wedding suite

Grey doodle   Turquoise doodle

Green plus brown doodle   Fuchsia doodle

Blue gown doodle   Brownish red doodle

Moss color doodle   Violet doodle

Do take it if you want.. ^^, Do leave your comment..Okay, bye guys \o/

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