This blog had been created since April 2012 ...I can't re-call the exact date ;) The aim is just for fun..Hehe ..Well, blogging was quite trending during that time. I am just following the trend. During the beginning of that time, ​​the situation of my blog was very neat but not creative at all..I was really astonished when I blog walking to the other people blog, My mind are filled with curiosity on how anyone else can transform their blog to become very nice and beautiful..

My previous blog URL was PureNaturalVisible.Blogspot.Com, Teddychimi.Blogspot.Com and Pinkkawaiigirl.Blogspot.Com. I changed my URL to KawaiiLady.Blogspot.Com in August 2013. Anything should be learn from basic so, I refer to many tutobies blog for the guidance to edit blog...The first blog that I refer to understand about codes is this blog.Then, I refer to this blog  when I am using Blogskin template.Now, I use simple template for my blog because the coding is neat and customizeable unlike Blogskin coding that is poor and lacking because it is not optimized for some browser ( No offense okay ).

In case u're wondering, Kawaii is a Japanese word define as cute in English. Lady means girl/ woman/ female. So, Kawaii Lady is basically define as "Cute Girl". The idea to name this blog as Kawaii Lady came out of nowhere.

I want to thanks to those who have helped me explore this blogging world, teach me how to beautify this blog and help me understand all the codes that need to be edited or added...I'm still learning right now because there're still many thing that I don't understand about codes..Sometimes my blog will look kind of messy and heavy with lot of stuff but, for me personally I love creative blog rather than the simple ones because I can see the effort they took to create an exclusive looking blog.

Designing blog doesn't require you to copy other people style because being different is the uniqueness in blogging world.

Currently, there is only one admin ruining this blog.

Okay, I will write a short essay about me so, you will know me a bit.The full name given to me by my parent is Nurfaezah Binti Rosli. I was born on 20 November 1997 at Johor, Malaysia. You can call me Ezah for short. My sign is Scorpio. I am a second daughter from four sibling. I have one sister and two younger sister ( My siblings are all girl ). I am a Johorean and a Javanese based on my father bloodline and I am a Kelantanese based on my mother Bloodline.
I'm not a kawaii looking lady actually..This blog URL does not refer to my look. It refered to the theme of this blog only. Kawaii Lady is my nickname in this blogging world. I'am a Muslim...Editing blog is my favorite activity to waste my precious time. My ambition is to become a dietitian or a scientist one day. My dream is to further my study overseas soon. I'm not a full time blogger as blogging is something that I'll do only when I am free.
I'm not a talkative kind of person because I'm a shy girl (u,u) I am a science stream student who learn Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Additional Mathematic. I am also a former Matriculation College student. I am currently pursuing degree on Food study at Universiti Putra Malaysia.
I can speak in Malays, English and Indonesian only. I can understand some word in korean because I enjoy watching Korean drama and variety show but, I cannot read Hangul. I can read Jawi script but, I cannot understand or speak in Arabic language. I wish to learn Arabic, Korean and Chinese language in the future.
I am an ambitious kind of person. I will do my best to achieve something that I've been dream of. I imagine and observe things a lot and maybe that's why I didn't speak much.
My personality based on my birth month.. I think most of it are accurate ;)

I am using English and Malay language for my post. I am so sorry for my broken English >.< Well, English is my second language after all. Excuse my grammatical error or spelling error and sorry for posting in an untranslatable Malay and an informal language. The reason why I blog in English language is because I want my blog visitor all around the globe to be able to follow my tutorial. For some post that are not universal like my personal life and study tips, I will write it in Malay language because learning system may be varies by country and I can write longer post if I use Malay language.
I think that all that I want to share in this About page. Thank you for your willing to read my entire story. Thanks to my blog follower and visitor because you are the reason why I take time to update this blog despite my busy real life